Home and Land Packages

Village Homes has turnkey packages that include a home and land in some of the most beautiful locations in Central Texas.





Home and Land

What does a Land and Home Package include?

We bundle the land, any necessary land improvements, and the home for one complete package to submit to lenders. If you own land, many lenders offer ZERO down loans. Other loan programs require minimal down payments based on credit score. As always, the more you can put down, the more advantageous your loan program will be.

Village Homes eliminates the hassle of buying a mobile home. No longer do you have to go to multiple companies to get everything you need for your new mobile|manufactured or modular home. Village Homes in Austin can handle everything for you.


Customize Your Home

Your journey starts at our model manufactured home center in Mustang Ridge where you will browse thru a dozen mobile homes on display.New Modular Home Austin

If you find the perfect floor plan, your search stops there. If not, we have hundreds of floor plans available and will find one to fit your individual wish list.

Once you’ve found your dream home, we’ll help you customize your home with the color paint you want on the walls, the kind of countertops and type of wood cabinets you desire. We’ll also work together to find the ideal permanent place for your new home.


Built on Your Lot or Our Lot

Some people already have land or have family who are willing to “gift” them a portion of the family land. That simplifies the process greatly.

If you don’t have land and you’re interested in owning your own land, no need to worry. Our land experts will help you choose your own little piece of Texas from our extensive property database. Village Homes is the only mobile home dealer in the central texas area with two real estate agents and one broker to help you find land in a location you want. Most other modular or manufactured dealers only sell homes without land, but at Village Homes, we offer turnkey services.

We bundle the land, any necessary land improvements, and the home for one complete package making the home buying process easy.

Forister Ranch Community

Land Improvements

Foundation – This is the first building block in your new home installation. We assure that the proper foundation is constructed for your home.

Septic System – Our construction team can install your complete septic system including drain fields and tanks as needed.

Water System – Hooking up to your existing meter is easy. In case you don’t have an existing meter, we can install a new water meter with lines or a water well as required in many rural areas.

Electric Connection – Our electricians can connect your home to an existing power source or provide new service in necessary.

Decks, Porches, Skirting, and More – Finish off your dream home with your own personal touch. Choose from a variety of skirting options, decks, porches, fences, and carports.

Service Department

Village Homes, called Aus-Tex Parts and Service, provides a turnkey housing solution with a service department owned and operated by Village Homes. The service department helps with the entire process of putting your home on a lot and getting everything set up for move-in.

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