What is a modular home?

If you’re in the market for a newly constructed home you might consider checking out modular homes. Modular homes are very similar to homes that are built directly on-site, except that construction on modular homes starts in a factory so your name brand materials are never exposed to weather elements.

Sections of the house are constructed according to the house design in an assembly line and then the sections are taken by truck to the building site where the home is completed. The quality of modular homes is no different than a site built home and look no different than the houses built by other homebuilders.

  • Modular homes are built to codes that are stricter standards than site built construction.
  • Modular homes are inspected during every stage of construction by certified HUD inspectors.
  • A modular home must have a HUD seal on it before you buy it. Municipalities don’t differentiate between site built homes and modular homes.
  • The TDLR registers all approved modular home builders

Why choose a modular home over a site built home?

  • AFFORDABILITY – Modular homes tend to be more affordable than site built home. This is because a large portion of the home construction is completed inside a factory. Work is conducted in a controlled climate and there are fewer costly interruptions. When a house is constructed on site work may be interrupted because of poor weather or a delay in the shipment of supplies. Builders on work sites may also have stop work to wait for inspections. The longer a home takes to build the more expensive it will be.
  • FASTER – Because modular homes are prefabricated in factories they take far less time to complete. Portions of the house are built on an assembly line with little or no interruption. Building inspectors are right onsite to look over the work once it is finished. The house is then trucked to the property where construction is completed. You could be sitting in your backyard sipping a cocktail long before your neighbor has his drywall up.
  • VARIETY – When it comes to choosing a modular home you have plenty of designs to choose from. Don’t think for a second that your home has to consist of four panelized walls nailed together to create a dwelling. Modular homes come in all designs, both traditional and modern. Some of the best architects in the United States design modern homes and you may be surprised as some of the unique and stunning concepts you will find.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL – The majority of modern modular homes are built to be energy efficient using high quality insulation and windows. Homeowners can expect to pay less on their utility bills and help the environment.
  • FINANCING – Modular homes qualify for the same mortgage programs as site-built homes.
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