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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Buying

Yes, we have many homes in stock. Take a tour online or in person. Just fill out the form to set it up.

We have three full-time real estate brokers on staff that will be able to find land anywhere in Central Texas. If you’re interested in a manufactured community, Village Homes had built one in Bastrop County called Forister Ranch with beautiful one-acre lots that has sold out. And yet another mobile home community called Great Hills in Buda which also sold out. Another one is always in our development plans and the next one will be in 2023. We will announce those on our home and land packages page

The time it takes to get into a new home varies depending on a number of factors such as: if you have land, if that land has improvements (septic, water, electric) on it, if you place a special order from the manufacturer, if you choose a home that’s in stock or on order, and lastly, if you’re paying cash or financing.

It can take as little as 30 days if you already have land and up to 3 months if you don’t have to order a new home. 

The good news is if you choose one of the homes on order and are financing, your timeline could be as short as 60 days.

No, you don’t have to buy land with your home. Many people have their own land. You can buy just the home. If you need help with land, we have real estate agents and brokers on-site to help you buy a home with land.

It’s not required to buy land when you buy at Village Home. It’s your decision.

We do offer a FREE used home inspection and can usually make a same day cash offer if you are trading in.

Yes. Village Homes can help homeowners who have become displaced after a flood. Some homeowners have bought a manufactured home to put on their land while their site-built house is being repaired and later sell the manufactured home as they don’t need it anymore. Yet others, just need a new manufactured home because their original manufactured home was damaged by a flood. 

Yes, Village Homes in Mustang Ridge, Texas will take your trade-in towards your new home purchase with us. We offer FREE Used Home Appraisals where we will come to your home to evaluate the value of your current manufactured home. Often, your trade-in value of your home will be equal to the required down payment! Fill out the form on the website and ask for a FREE Used Home Appraisal Review. 

Watch this video to learn about the differences between manufactured mobile homes and site-built homes.

Questions About Financing

After you apply to buy your home, DO NOT apply for any revolving credit like a car, another mortgage or, a credit card like a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card, etc. Do NOT apply for any charge cards like Home Depot, TJMaxx, etc. Having available credit affects your credit rating and interest rate. It can also change your qualifying status meaning if you were approved, you might not be at when you go to close on your home. 

Credit scores are only a one factor in determining what loans you qualify for. Lenders look at so much more than just credit now-a-days. For example, they look at job history, income, and assets. 

To figure out if you can qualify for a home, schedule a financial review with a Home Consultant.

Forty-three percent of your income can go to housing, credit cards, cars, and other bills. Check out the green colored mortgage calculator, found on the right hand side of our website, to run some numbers yourself. Or, try the 21st Century Mortgage Estimator.

It’s different for each individual or family. At Village Homes we offer many different financing options. Most lenders require a minimum down payment of 5 percent but we have down payments starting at zero down depending on which loan program you’re approved for. To get specifics for your family, fill out a contact us form for an appointment. We can’t wait to help you get into your dream home!

Down payments can vary from as little as $0 down up to 35% down depending on a number of factors like credit score, time on job, debt to equity ratio, etc.

If you schedule a financial review with one of our Home Consultants, we will help you figure out how much money you need down to buy a home. As well, you will also learn how much you qualify for.

One of the advantages of Village Home is that we have on-site lenders and financing experts to answer all your questions. We work with all credit scores, DTI’s and income types. 

And, we have eight+ lenders and offer in-house financing.

Zero down loans are still possible if you have land or family land. Larger down payments can offset credit concerns if you don’t own land.

Besides your credit score, steady work history, work in the same field, and assets, are all major items.

Yes, it’s possible to adjust your monthly payments depending on individual requirements. Over the last 30 years, Village Homes has helped thousands of people find a payment plan that’s right for them. Fill out the contact us form, or call for an appointment to meet with our financial staff to discuss your unique requirements. Don’t worry. We’ll help you find the right solution for your family.

Questions After You Close

New Homes – Upon closing you will be given an anticipated “off-line” date, based on when the factory anticipates they will be done building your home.

Ask your housing consultant for current estimated build and delivery times of your manufactured/mobile home.

Custom orders take longer than stock models to be delivered.

In Stock Homes – Upon closing we can schedule a date to move your home sometime within just a few days but actually depends on the availability of the moving company.

If your manufactured/mobile home is financed, your lender will require a phone audit to verify that the home has been delivered. Following the phone audit, your services can be scheduled to be connected and the house interior trim out can be completed as necessary.

This entire process of hooking up services usually takes 30 – 40 days.

However, weather and other construction issues might delay the final move-in date. If the ground is wet, they can’t set the home, if its raining the construction crew can’t work, if it’s freezing weather they can’t work. Well, you get the idea.

That depends on when your home is expected to be delivered but once delivered, it’s about 30 -40 days.

Once you move into the home you will complete a punch list and the factory will schedule a visit to complete any cosmetic issues that arise from the delivery and set up process. This is explained at closing.

Your lender contact information will be included with your closing package.

If home goes out of level, call someone to level your home.

Questions About Warranties

All manufacturers provide a factory warranty on new appliances. The details are included in your closing documents.

All manufacturers provide a one-year factory warranty on new manufactured homes. It’s included in your closing documents.

There are many questions surrounding the purchase of a new manufactured/mobile home and on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page we try to answer some of the questions most asked by home buyers.