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Interest rates are going up but they’re still low! We can help explain the current interest rate environment and how it affects your buying ability. You can lock-in some interest rates. Ask us how you can lock-in the best interest rate available for your manufactured mortgage loan and/or home and land package.. Act Now!

Find out if you qualify for a FHA, VA, Conventional or Chattel mobile home mortgage loan. We’ll help you review multiple lenders, if needed. Financing can be easy and fast if we have all the information. Work with your Home Consultant so you can get approved to finance your manufactured/mobile home or your home and land package today!

Village Homes has built many trusting relationships over the years with bankers and mortgage loan companies over the last 60 years, so you can be assured of a pleasant, easy and hassle-free mobile home buying experience.
We work with many mobile home lenders in order to get you the best financing for your new home. Or, if needed, Village Homes can talk to you about in-house financing. Owner financing is available from time to time for new manufactured homes.

Village Homes has been here for 60 years, while other dealers have come and gone.

That’s because we take pride taking care of our customers.