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Keeping a Level Home

keeping a level home

The ground expands and contracts with moisture, as does wood. Over time this can lead to portions of your Village Homes mobile home becoming unleveled. Your first indicator might be a door that starts sticking, when previously it didn’t stick. Or, perhaps you’ve noticed some hairline cracks developing.

During our hot Texas summers, the ground becomes so dried out that when rains returns in the fall or winter, sometimes the amount of moisture can build up and can cause the blocks holding up your home to sink.

Once you realize your home is unleveled – it’s a good idea to level it or hire someone to level it as soon as possible. An unleveled home can put stress onto the home – causing wear and tear on your home. In the long run, this stress can severely impact your home.

Email me – I’ll be happy to send you a list companies that can re-level your home. [email protected]