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Taking Care of Your New Mobile Home

mobile home with a staircase leading to the front door

The vinyl skirting around your new mobile home is sturdy, but sometimes the wind in this area can be really tough. There are a couple of options you have to keep your vinyl skirting intact during rough winds.

One is to use screws. There is a bottom track to your skirting. Put screws all around your home. Remember to leave spaces for you to be able to access underneath your home, if it’s needed.

Another option is to limit your access underneath the skirting. Leave one section easily accessible, while securing the rest of the skirting.

Windguard rods are an inexpensive option, as well. Windguards are metal rods designed to install where vinyl skirting panels lock together to help prevent wind blow out. Easy to install, no tools needed.

Windguard rods serve to reinforce the seams of the skirting. One windguard rod installed every two to three seams will do the trick. I found these on the Internet. 32 per package.

Got any questions about these windguard rods? Just email [email protected]