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We Have Mobile Home Land

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Once you’ve picked out your perfect new mobile/manufactured home from Village Homes near Austin, Texas, you may be wondering exactly where you’d like to move it – to a mobile home park or onto a land lot.

Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages to each. In a park, you will, typically, have access to more amenities such as a community center, possibly a playground and maybe even a pool (great for summers). You’ll also have neighbors, which is nice especially if you’re a single parent. You’ll typically have less yard space. If you want lots of space to roam, a mobile home park is not a good choice for you.

A large lot of land set in a more rural area allows you the freedom to expand your home in the future as well as give you lots of space to spread out. The downside? No neighborhood amenities.

The choice is yours; more or less amenities, closer in or further out, more or less space, it doesn’t matter which you prefer, Village Homes can help. Fill out a form on our website to visit with a Home Consultant. Ask about land lots strictly for our customers. We’ve got something for everyone.